Hi Christy - just wanted to say thank you for being a wonderful photographer for our wedding!We had an awesome time -you made everything comfortable and fun. I think I will have professional photos done to mark every other significant event in my life after this experience!Our friends were calling you the ninja - they loved that you were all over the place and so discreet about taking the pics.Thank you times one million!christine

Christy,"THEY ROCK AND YOU ROCK" Your work surpasses my expectations and lived up to Andy's. You captured our souls and immortalized the moment. Thank you so much and never put down the camera. Thank you, feels shallow to how we feel. You are a true artist. Andy and Conni

The photos are great! Everyone we sent the link to is raving about how well they turned out. -Melissa

Christy,I’m having a blast going through the photos! I’ve already received MANY compliments from friends and family, and I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful work! Can’t wait to order some prints and create a book! Thank you, Jessica Malone

Hi Christy, We just had so much fun looking at the photos! No one has ever been able to make us (we at least me) look 1/2 that good. We are very happy; thank you so much. Looking forward to putting the album together with you too.Susan Guthrie

wow. wow. thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. just sent the link to rob... we'll be ordering plenty, im sure! they are wonderfullllllllllllll!xxoo-Cricket

Christy,I consider myself very fortunate to have contracted with you for the photographs. The first two pictures you kindly took the time to send to us were beautiful! I very proudly sent them to family and friends. Last night Chet and I viewed the pictures you sent as a slide show and the entire beautiful day came back to us! You really did do a beautiful job with your "mature couple" ! Ann Marie Muroski

Loved the pics! I got the pictage link. We'll be going through them over the weekend and releasing them for guests. Thank you again for such a lovely job. Maggie & Chris

Love the pictures! Thanks!Jennifer

"Christy was very artistic and thoughtful in her photography, which was exactly what we wanted. During our reception I hardly noticed her, yet she captured some amazing moments. And our DVD slideshow was fantastic!"

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